No matter what your mood is, what the season is, and what the occasion is – our exclusive collections provide you with just what you have in your mind. Easy going or party going, trend-setting or ton-defying, from your Monday Blues to Sunday Fun day, Urban Poche is the style-bff you have always wished for. We, at Urban Poche, not just scream fashion but breathe fashion. We understand that what you wear is who you are, that your style is an extension of your identity. That is why we empower you with the best of the fashion trends suitable for your shape and size, mind and taste, and comfort and class. Also, we cater to you the best Instagram-able looks, so you never have to FOMO and concentrate better on handling attention.

Every piece of clothing available at Urban Poche is especially handcrafted for our customers’ needs, drawing inspiration from the runways, street styles, pop culture, fashion magazines, social media and individual fashion icons from all over the world to provide an unmatchable, one-stop fashion destination for the millennials and the Gen-Zs.

We are driven by innovation and our promise of creating an uninterrupted environment for experimental fashion. We are also committed to creating a personalized fashion experience for everyone. That is why we provide the largest width of merchandise comprising of three main fashion product lines –apparel, accessories, and footwear — to meet the gamut of needs of different individuals.

The speciality of Urban Poche – because of which our customers love to come back to us – is how we amalgamate top-edge fashion, personalization, freedom of experiment with affordable pricing. When fashion is an extension of your own personality, you should not pay any extra for that. And Urban Poche leads the way when it comes quality clothes in affordable pricing.

We are Urban Poche. We are here for the skinny and the plus size, the tall and the petite, the dusky and the pale, the hourglass and the rectangle, the experimentalist and the conformist, the trend-setter and the ton-rebels. We are here for an uninterrupted, empowering fashion experience.


To provide the largest variety of merchandise that will be versatile to transcend people, lifestyle, and occasions, and empower our customers to leave unforgettable impressions in their surroundings.


We strive to become the ultimate fashion destination globally by driving innovation and experiment and by ensuring customer satisfaction.


High Quality: The top priority of Urban Poche is to ensure consistent high-quality in all its product line to ensure market leadership.

Customer Satisfaction: Everything we create and execute, our main aim is to attain an unmatched customer satisfaction experience. We want to brand loyalty amongst our customers not just for our products but the overall experience.

Drive Innovation: We, at Urban Poche, understand how evolving the fashion industry is. To serve our customers with the latest and the best, we commit to driving innovation to stay ahead of and in line with the market trends.

Responsibility: We strive to position ourselves as a trusted business partner for our employees, suppliers, manufacturers and other business associates and as a responsible corporate citizen for the society to ensure sustainable growth.